graphic version
Making Tracks

plaster powder
ziplock bag (quart or gallon sized)
cup measure
cardboard collar
stick or pencil

You can make the cardboard collar buy cutting sections from an oatmeal or margarine container.

1. Place the cardboard collar around the track and press the collar firmly into the ground.
2. Take your ziplock bag and add your plaster and water. You will need twice as much plaster as water, so 1 cup of plaster powder for every ½ cup of water.
3. Seal your bag tight and squish with your hands until the mixture is about the consistency of a milkshake.
Be careful not to touch the mixture!
4. Pour the plaster mix into the track.
5. Stir the mixture in a circle “tornado” motion.
6. Let it dry for 15-25 minutes.
7. Lift your cast and set aside for a few hours to harden.