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3-2-1 Action! Videography Handbook

The overall objective of this workshop is to give participants an overall understanding of videography by learning the skills and techniques necessary to create great movies.

Participants will be involved with interactive activities that will teach them the techniques of scripting, storyboarding and filming. Editing, final cut and rendering the video will be covered, but interactive participation will be in the computer lab. Focus will be writing a script, talking techniques, creating a storyboard and why, camera basics, filming techniques, basics of film and audio editing, final cut and rendering. Participants also will learn about the various roles or jobs that are a part of most video productions and how they interact with each other.

The handbook consists of an instructor’s guide, skills guide, lesson plans, activities, ice-breakers and several sample forms. Even though this handbook was written for a one-week workshop, the lesson plans can be easily presented separately.

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