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LEAP into the 21st century

Lessons designed to provide teaching activities that are fun and educational.
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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
L1A_OKAir.pdf A-Ok Air 588.53 KB
L1DeadorAlive.pdf Dead or Alive 402.75 KB
L2HurricaneHazards.pdf Hurricane Hazards 345.92 KB
L2WiredforMagnetism.pdf Wired for Magnetism 600.82 KB
L3BloodandGuts.pdf Blood & Guts 336.93 KB
L3TheHumanComputer.pdf The Human Computer 2,166.59 KB
L4MadaboutMeteor.pdf Mad About Meteor 942.80 KB
L4WebofLife.pdf Web of Life 219.44 KB
L5CaptivatingCaves.pdf Captivating Caves 1,324.77 KB
L5GoWithTheFlow.pdf Go With the Flow 159.57 KB
L6MagnetMania.pdf Magnet Mania 161.28 KB
L6WhirlingWinds.pdf Whirling Winds 791.00 KB
L7EarthWorks.pdf Earth Works 316.89 KB
L7H20Oh.pdf H2O Oh! 623.97 KB
LA_Content_Standards_Benchmarkschart2.pdf Benchmarks 23.30 KB
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