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Volunteer Leader Role Descriptions

Why use Volunteer Role Descriptions?

A written role description is the most important criteria in volunteer program management. A role description should be prepared for every volunteer position, no matter how big or small. The advantage of written role description is that the duties, expectations and responsibilities of both the volunteer and the organization are outlined clearly. Knowing the requirements of individual volunteer roles in advance simplifies the selection/recruitment and management of volunteers.

4-H Youth Development Agents should be clear about what they expect from each of their volunteers. Volunteers deserve to know what you expect from them, as well. The different role descriptions below specify any general duties and responsibilities, time requirements, benefits, and any specific tasks to perform.

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FilenameDescriptionFile Size
4-H+Achievement+Day+Coordinator.pdf 24.31 KB
4-H+after+school+project+leader.pdf 24.25 KB
4-H+ATV+Job+Decription+and+Project+Leader+Job+Description.pdf 16.30 KB
4-H+ATV+Job+Decription.pdf 16.25 KB
4-H+Awards+Banquet+Coordinator.pdf 20.70 KB
4-H+Beef.pdf 32.53 KB
4-H+camp+coord.pdf 24.36 KB
4-H+Camp+Scholarship+Coord..pdf 24.23 KB
4-H+camp-adult+counselor.pdf 24.66 KB
4-H+camp-teen+counselor.pdf 25.15 KB
4-H+Chair+Vol+Comm.pdf 22.83 KB
4-H+clothing+leader.pdf 24.94 KB
4-H+Club+Organizational+Leader.pdf 43.56 KB
4-H+Computer.pdf 23.95 KB
4-H+Dairy.pdf 22.43 KB
4-H+Dog+Club+Ldr.pdf 23.54 KB
4-H+Foods+Festival+Coordinator.pdf 23.98 KB
4-H+Foundation+Fundraiser+Coordinator.pdf 19.51 KB
4-H+Fundrsr+Comm+member.pdf 23.02 KB
4-H+Goat.pdf 24.12 KB
4-H+GolfScramble+Comm.pdf 23.47 KB
4-H+grant+coord.pdf 24.09 KB
4-H+Horse+Club+Proj+Ldr.pdf 25.21 KB
4-H+Horse.pdf 24.18 KB
4-H+judges+coord.pdf 23.21 KB
4-H+Junior+Leader+Advisor.pdf 25.45 KB
4-H+Junior+Leader+Club+Volunteer+Leader.pdf 23.00 KB
4-H+Livestock+Club+Ldr+2.pdf 24.48 KB
4-H+Livestock+Club+Ldr.pdf 24.41 KB
4-H+livestock+judging.pdf 23.64 KB
4-H+Livestock+Show+Superiendent.pdf 23.59 KB
4-H+Livestock+Show-SaleCoord.pdf 24.69 KB
4-H+media+coord.pdf 23.41 KB
4-H+Middle+Manager.pdf 26.87 KB
4-H+Need+Assess+Coord.pdf 23.81 KB
4-H+Outdoor+skills.pdf 24.21 KB
4-H+Parish+Cookery+Contest+Coordinator.pdf 19.84 KB
4-H+Parish+financ+mgr.pdf 24.07 KB
4-H+Parish+fundraiser+coord.pdf 23.94 KB
4-H+Parish+Sew+With+Cotton+Contest+Coordinator.pdf 19.65 KB
4-H+Poultry.pdf 24.31 KB
4-H+Project+Leader.pdf 23.87 KB
4-H+public+school+liaison.pdf 24.88 KB
4-H+Rabbit.pdf 24.14 KB
4-H+school+club+lead.pdf 25.71 KB
4-H+See+Them+Sprout.pdf 24.30 KB
4-H+Sheep.pdf 23.31 KB
4-H+Support+Ldr.pdf 23.33 KB
4-H+Swine.pdf 23.41 KB
4-H+Volunteer+recruiter.pdf 24.25 KB
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