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Process And Apparatus For Sorting Spermatozoa

Chandler, John E.
Date Posted: 11/15/2000
Patent Status: issued
Patent Number: 5,514,537

A method and apparatus are disclosed for the mechanical sorting of mammalian spermatozoa by sex-type, into a fraction enriched in X-chromosome-bearing spermatozoa, and a fraction enriched in Y-chromosome-bearing spermatozoa. Because of their different DNA content, Y-chromosome spermatozoa are slightly smaller than X-chromosome spermatozoa. A column is packed with two sizes of beads. The size of the smaller beads is chosen such that, on average, Y-chromosome spermatozoa will readily fit into the interstices between the smaller beads, while X-chromosome spermatozoa, on average, will not readily fit into those interstices. The size of the larger beads is chosen such that the smaller beads will not readily fit into the interstices between the larger beads. A liquid sample containing the sperm is run through a column so that the liquid first encounters the larger beads, and then encounters the smaller beads. The beads act as a sieve, creating a fraction in the larger beads enriched in X-chromosome spermatozoa, and a fraction in the smaller beads enriched in Y-chromosome spermatozoa.

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