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Oat, Secretariat LA495

Harrison, S.; Mascagni, H.; Moore, S.
Variety: Secretariat LA495
Experimental name or Synonym: LA85495-1-B2-AB2
Taxon: Avena sativa L.Avena byzantina C. KochAvena nuda L.
Crop: Oat
Applicant: Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station
Date filed: 11/04/1999
Status: Certificate Issued
Status date: 09/10/2004
Date issued: 09/10/2004
Years protected: 20

Winter oat with semi-upright winter growth habit and intermediate winterhardiness. Mean yield of 3670 kg ha-1 across 15 locations in the 1996 UWOYN compared to 3605 kg ha-1 for Chapman and mean for 22 lines of 3494 kg ha-1. Average height 90cm, 4 cm shorter than the test mean. Leaves dark green and approx. 16 mm wide with hairy leaf sheaths and erect carriage. Panicles semi-open and medium sized, averaging 9 cm long with 20.5 branches. Stems medium diameter and yellow at maturity. Seed small and yellow. Resistant to the prevalent stem rust race (NA-27 TLB) and to NA-30(TSL) and NA-5(DBL) but susceptible to NA-28(TLD) and moderately susceptible to NA-55(TJQ). Moderately resistant to most races of crown rust.
Last Updated: 3/30/2015 12:28:33 PM

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