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EnerGenetics Energies LLC

EnerGenetics Energies LLC produces biofuel and biofuel byproducts using miniature biofuel refineries which are smaller and more economical than their larger counterparts. One of the unique byproducts the company can generate from the production of corn ethanol, thanks to technology from the LSU AgCenter, is a type of resistant starch. The resistant starch technology was developed by Dr. Joan King of the AgCenter Department of Food Science and acts as a high-value functional food ingredient that can increase the fiber content and lower the caloric value of certain foods. The company was previously known as Energetics International, Inc.

April 30, 2007
Bio-Fuels firm briefs U.S. Agricultural Secretary on breakthroughs in downsizing ethanol production

To find out more about Energetics Energies LLC., visit their website at:
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