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Soda consumption is down in the U.S.
(Audio News 04/16/14) Americans are consuming less soda. Soda consumption has been declining over the past few years and is at the lowest it’s been since the mid-1990s. Denise Holston-West, a registered dietician with the LSU AgCenter, said efforts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign are starting to pay off.
Cold weather slows crawfish growth
(Audio 03/31/14) The cold winter didn’t kill crawfish, but it has significantly slowed their growth. LSU AgCenter crawfish specialist Greg Lutz says the crawfish in the pond are about the same size they were in December, and he doesn’t expect them to do much catching up. (Runtime: 1:22)
La. agriculture economy reaches record in 2013
(Audio News 03/26/14) For the second year in a row, the value of agriculture to Louisiana's economy reached a record high. LSU AgCenter economist John Westra said the state's agriculture culture was $11.8 billion in 2013.
Corn planting is behind schedule
(Audio News 03/19/14) Less than one percent of Louisiana’s corn crop is in the ground. This is unusual for mid-March when farmers typically have much of the crop planted. Cold and wet weather has kept farmers out of their fields. (Runtime: 1:20 seconds)
Wheat rebounding from cold, wet winter
(Audio 03/17/14) A stiff north wind whipped through a wet wheat field. LSU AgCenter wheat specialist Josh Lofton says the field on the AgCenter’s Macon Ridge Research Station is thriving despite a damp and cold winter. (Runtime: 1:15)
Whooping cranes return to White Lake
(Audio News 03/05/14) Sara Zimorski and Carrie Salyers suit up in white costumes with crane head gloves to interact with an experimental flock of whooping cranes in White Lake Wetland Conservation Area near Gueydan. Both are biologists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and are working with the flock to reestablish a population of whooping cranes in Louisiana. (Runtime: 2:10)
Farm bill forces farmers to make decisions
(Audio 02/21/14) Earlier this month the president signed a new farm bill. Farmers have been operating without a farm bill for two years. LSU AgCenter economist Kurt Guidry says the $1 trillion bill eliminates the direct payment program in which farmers could enroll every year to receive payments based on the their historical program payment acres, rates and yields. (Runtime: 1:25)
4-H'er with Down syndrome finds purpose through livestock program
(Audio 02/17/14) Affectionately known as "John John" by his family, friends and fans, John Sonnier, a 4-H’er from St. Mary Parish, was prepping to show his pigs at the LSU AgCenter’s State Livestock Show. Sonnier has Down syndrome, and his sister, Brittany Durham, says showing livestock has given him a real purpose. (Runtime: 1:55)
LSU AgCenter researcher develops blue crab bait
(Audio News 02/06/14) Blue crabs caught along the coast of Louisiana are lured into traps using Atlantic-caught menhaden. But menhaden is expensive to ship, must be kept frozen and is becoming harder to get as bait. So LSU AgCenter researcher Julie Anderson is developing an alternative bait. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Freeze delays state's strawberry crop
(Audio News 02/03/14) A winter storm that blanketed most of Louisiana in snow and ice, shutting down roads, schools and businesses, took a toll on the state’s strawberry crop. As temperatures rose following the freeze, Ponchatoula strawberry farmer Eric Morrow pulled back the row covers that protect his crop to survey the damage. (Runtime: 1:30)
Smartphones help with weight loss
(Audio 01/22/14) Celika Murphy lost 85 pounds with the help of a program through Pennington Biomedical Research Center, but a simple calorie-counting app on her smartphone is helping her keep it off. Murphy is sticking to a 1,200-calorie diet and logs her meals and snacks daily. (Runtime: 1:50)
Simple changes can reduce heating costs
(Audio 01/21/14) Heating bills could be high this winter with the frequent freezes we’ve been having. Homeowners can make simple changes to help their homes run more efficiently and reduce costs. LSU AgCenter housing specialist Claudette Reichel says sealing air leaks should be the first step. (Runtime: 1:50)
Farmers wrap up sugarcane harvest
(Audio News 01/07/14) In a week where temperatures dipped into the 20s, farmers wrapped up the state’s sugarcane harvest. LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Kenneth Gravois says the crop ended like it started, on a cold note. (Runtime: 1:30)
Freeze can damage tender landscape plants
(Audio News 01/06/14) With temperatures dipping into the teens across much of Louisiana, some landscape plants can be damaged. Tropical plants can be killed back by a freeze. LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill says if you are not able to protect them, you may see damage. (Runtime: 1:25)
Farmers wrap up another good year for La. agriculture
(Audio News 12/20/13) For all major commodities, 2013 was a really good year, making it the second year in a row Louisiana farmers saw high yields and good prices. (Runtime: 1:30)
Scientists use nanotechnology to improve health, agriculture
(Audio News 12/16/13) A team of LSU AgCenter scientists is designing nano-delivery systems for biomedical, food and agricultural applications. These nano-delivery systems have the potential to heat and destroy cancer cells while protecting healthy cells, to target pesticide applications to plants to avoid drift, to improve food safety and to pinpoint where medicine is received in the body. (Runtime: 2:00)
La. citrus growers facing tough times
(Audio News 12/02/13) What started as a 4-H project 45 years ago has long been a family business for John Rogers. Rogers works with his mom, brother and their wives and children to tend to their 20-acre citrus grove in Terrebonne Parish. Rogers started harvesting his fruit about a month ago. (Runtime: 1:50)
Poinsettias are part of holiday decor
(Audio News 12/02/13) You can find poinsettias filling nurseries and garden centers this time of the year. With its bright red bracts and dark green leaves, the poinsettia is a Christmas favorite. If you are looking to use poinsettias to decorate your home during the holidays, choose ones that will last throughout the season. (Runtime: 1:40)
Thanksgiving meal costs up 9 percent
(Audio News 11/19/13) The cost of the average Thanksgiving meal is up 9 percent this year according to a survey by the LSU AgCenter. Jeanette Tucker, an AgCenter family economist, says the 2013 Thanksgiving market basket will average $48.50 for 10 people. (Runtime: 1:20)
Sugarcane harvest is better than expected
(Audio News 11/12/13) Earlier in the year, sugarcane farmers were worried about their crop. A cool spring and early summer slowed growth of the cane, and farmers were anticipating a less-than-average crop. LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Kenneth Gravois says a warm end to summer helped the cane catch up. (Runtime: 2:00)
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