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New sweet potato variety gains acreage
(Audio 08/13/14) Louisiana farmers planted more than 9,000 acres of sweet potatoes, up from last year’s 7,000. Most of the acres are in the variety Beauregard. But LSU AgCenter sweet potato breeder Don LaBonte said a new variety, Orleans, is gaining popularity. He said it looks and tastes like Beauregard, but has one advantage. (Runtime: 1:35)
4-H'ers participate in seafood cook-off
(Audio News 08/06/14) 4-H chefs from four states gathered in New Orleans for the Great American Seafood Cook-off 4-H edition. Teams from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas each had an hour to prepare a dish using U.S. seafood. At competition time, Louisiana’s team, made up of 4-H’ers from Vermilion Parish, was ready to prepare their dish, seafood triathlon. (Runtime: 2:00)
Corn, cotton crops look promising
(Audio News 07/28/14) Despite a late start to Louisiana’s corn crop, harvest could begin in a couple of weeks. LSU AgCenter corn and cotton specialist Dan Fromme said he is anticipating excellent yields. The state has approximately 450,000 acres of corn – 250,000 fewer acres than last year. (Runtime: 1:20)
New variety could help grain sorghum growers
(Audio 07/28/14) A new non-genetically modified grain sorghum variety contains a trait that will allow farmers to control johnsongrass in their sorghum fields. Weed scientist Daniel Stephenson said this is a first. Grasses are hard to control in sorghum because they are so closely related to the crop.
Sugarcane crop is short, behind schedule
(Audio News: 07/25/14) While residents of Louisiana enjoyed the cool spring and a relatively mild summer so far, it hasn't been the best situation for the state’s sugarcane crop. LSU AgCenter sugarcane specialist Kenneth Gravois said the crop is short for this time of the year. (Runtime: 1:30)
Rice growth behind schedule
(Audio News 07/07/14) A cold spring delayed rice planting and a wet June stalled growth, causing this year’s crop to be behind schedule. LSU AgCenter rice specialist Johnny Saichuk said drier conditions could improve the crop’s outlook. (Runtime: 1:20)
Weeds, nitrogen are topics at field day
(Audio News 06/23/14) Controlling weeds and reducing nitrogen loss are big concerns for farmers. LSU AgCenter researchers addressed both topics at a Northeast Research Station field day in St. Joseph. Participants heard about new herbicide technologies. (Runtime: 1:35)
Going gluten-free eliminates nutrients
(Audio News: 06/19/14) The gluten-free label is becoming more popular on items in the grocery store. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. People who have the autoimmune disease, celiac disease, experience a toxic immune response when they ingest gluten and should eliminate gluten from their diets, according to LSU AgCenter registered dietician Denise Holston-West. (Runtime: 1:25)
Sociologist examines Louisiana ethnic groups
(Audio 05/07/14) Louisiana’s ethnic make-up has shifted over the years, not only in terms of who lives in Louisiana,but also in how individuals identify themselves. LSU AgCenter sociologist Mark Schafer has been studying eight of Louisiana’s ethnic or racial groups. (Runtime: 1:20)
Soda consumption is down in the U.S.
(Audio News 04/16/14) Americans are consuming less soda. Soda consumption has been declining over the past few years and is at the lowest it’s been since the mid-1990s. Denise Holston-West, a registered dietician with the LSU AgCenter, said efforts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate and First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign are starting to pay off.
Cold weather slows crawfish growth
(Audio 03/31/14) The cold winter didn’t kill crawfish, but it has significantly slowed their growth. LSU AgCenter crawfish specialist Greg Lutz says the crawfish in the pond are about the same size they were in December, and he doesn’t expect them to do much catching up. (Runtime: 1:22)
La. agriculture economy reaches record in 2013
(Audio News 03/26/14) For the second year in a row, the value of agriculture to Louisiana's economy reached a record high. LSU AgCenter economist John Westra said the state's agriculture culture was $11.8 billion in 2013.
Corn planting is behind schedule
(Audio News 03/19/14) Less than one percent of Louisiana’s corn crop is in the ground. This is unusual for mid-March when farmers typically have much of the crop planted. Cold and wet weather has kept farmers out of their fields. (Runtime: 1:20 seconds)
Wheat rebounding from cold, wet winter
(Audio 03/17/14) A stiff north wind whipped through a wet wheat field. LSU AgCenter wheat specialist Josh Lofton says the field on the AgCenter’s Macon Ridge Research Station is thriving despite a damp and cold winter. (Runtime: 1:15)
Drought affects cattle herd health
(Radio News 02/28/11) Dry conditions affected Louisiana agriculture last summer, and cattle operations in the state were hit hard. Dennis Kieffer felt the effects. He raises cattle in Winn Parish, and the lack of rain affected his forage. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Heart in focus during February
(Radio News 02/14/11) The heart is in focus during February, not only because of Valentine’s Day but also because this month the American Heart Association calls attention to the threat of heart disease. LSU AgCenter nutritionist Beth Reames says a healthful diet can guard against a heart attack. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
Military kids meet new friends through program
(Radio News 02/14/11) It can be tough for youngsters in military families to make and keep friends. Operation Military Kids helps these youngsters meet children in similar situations. The program is supported by the Department of Defense and administered through 4-H. Caleb Persick is a graduate assistant with the program. (Runtime: 1:20)
Farmers harvesting strawberries earlier
(Radio News 02/14/11) Louisiana’s strawberry farmers started picking their crop as early as the first week in November. Regina Bracy, research coordinator at the LSU AgCenter's Hammond Research Station, says the way farmers plant and care for their crops is helping them get earlier berries. (Runtime: 1:05)
Protect citrus from freezing temperatures
(Radio News 12/20/10) Citrus is a popular backyard fruit tree in Louisiana. Homeowners can avoid damage this winter if hard freezes occur by protecting their trees, says LSU AgCenter county agent Alan Vaughn. (Runtime: 60 seconds)
CARD Act affects gift card disclosure policies
(Radio News 12/13/10) Americans will spend a projected $23 billion on gift cards this holiday season. Consumers gained new gift card protection from the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, but the ECO-gift card act delayed the effective date of the on-the-card disclosures, says LSU AgCenter family economist Jeanette Tucker. (Runtime: 1:20)
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