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This project involves a team of university and industry partners led by the LSU AgCenter, studying the regular production of biomass for economically viable conversion to biofuels and bioenergy using existing refinery infrastructure. Through new and existing industrial partnerships, this project will use energycane and sweet sorghum to help add value to the Louisiana sugar and chemical industries.


Conversion Technologies

Economic & Business

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Crop specialists are expanding the production of energycane and sweet sorghum through breeding, selection, and testing to find genotypes adapted to the southeastern United States.

[image: conversion technologies]

This project seeks to use and expand existing regional pilot and industrial facilities to demonstrate production of gasoline, jet fuels, butanol, isoprene and bioplastics.

[image: economic and business]

Agricultural economists are developing business marketing scenarios based on inputs from agricultural research and techno-economic analyses.



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Our efficient extension network at regional universities dealing with similar crops is helping to demonstrate to growers and landowners the value of producing crops for biofuel.

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Through the consortium of universities involved in the project, we are able to develop and expand educational programs and training centers in biofuel processing operations.

USDA-NIFA Award No.: 2011-69005-30515