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Drill Calibration
[Image: no till drill]

A series of slides on the method used to correctly calibrate a drill for rice planting.

Parts of Mature Rice Kernel
[Image: mature rice kernel dissected]

The mature rice kernel or grain is made up of several parts.

Stages of Growth Before Heading in Rice
[Image: water-seeded rice seeds germinating]

A series of photographs depicting key growth stages in the development of rice before heading. Some of these are important in rice managment.

A General Guide for Using Salt Water on Rice
Salt water can become a problem in rice production, especially in some areas in dry years. This table can be used as a guide for tolerance of rice to salt water.

Long, Medium and Short Grain Types [Image: long, medium and short rough rice grains]
Here's a photograph of long, medium and short rice grains with an explanation of how the classes are determined.