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Nitrogen fixation in soybeans
[Image: Nitrogen fixation]

(Video) Ronnie Levy explains the importance of nitrogen fixation in successfully producing a soybean crop. (Runtime: 2:53)

Growth stages in soybeans
[Image: Grwoth Stages]

(Video) Ronnie Levy explains how to determine the growth stages of a soybean plant to help determine the production practices that may need implementing. (Runtime: 4:40)

Scouting for Nematodes in Soybean Fields
[Image: Picture]

Dr. Charles Overstreet discusses ways to determine if nematodes are present in a soybean field. (Runtime: 4:07)

Using a Sweep Net for Insect Scouting
[Image: Picture]

Dr. Roger Leonard demonstrates how to effectively use a sweep net in a soybean field for insect scouting. (Runtime: 5:48)

Cercospora Scouting Video [Image: Diseased Leaves]
Dr. Boyd Padgett demonstrates how to scout soybean fields for diseases such as cercospora. (Runtime: 4:32)