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Factors Affecting the Beef Choice/Select Spread
[Image: beef choice-select spread]

This publication covers calculation of the choice/select spread, as well as supply and demand factors that widen or narrow the choice/select spread. Additional discussion centers on how the choice/select spread reflects cattle quality and packer demand for certain USDA quality grades (PDF format only)

Economics of Baleage for Beef Cattle Operations
[Image: baleage]

In recent years, there has been considerable interest from beef cattle producers in using baled silage or baleage as a way to reduce feeding expenses. This publication discusses the costs of incorporating baleage into an existing beef cattle operation. (PDF Format Only)

Agribusiness and Market Analyst Preferences for USDA Market Information
[Image: agribusiness]

This brochure details the relative value agribusiness professionals and market analysts place on various USDA livestock and poultry reports that contain pricing and production data. (PDF Format Only)

New Electronic Heat Detection for Beef Cattle
[Image: Heat Watch patch on commercial cow for Estrus Detection.]

Research indicates that successful visual estrus detection and subsequent pregnancyrates are directly related to the frequency and duration of each heat check. The objective of this report is to describe a new heat detection system and to demonstrate its potential effectiveness for use with artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET) procedures.

Bayou Beef Tips: Beef Cattle Body Condition [Image: Logo]
For many years, most beef cattle producers have observed the body fat reserves of their cattle herd and used that information to make feeding and nutritional decisions. Research shows that proper nutrition and efficient use of forage reduce costs.
2009 Beef Report
The 2009 Beef Report is a compilation of research studies completed by the LSU AgCenter faculty in the two years since the publication of the 2007 report. Should you desire more information about any of the studies reported in this publication, please contact the scientists who wrote the article or the local extension service agent in your parish.
Learn@Lunch Webinars
Learn@Lunch webinars provide practical knowledge for beef cattle producers of all types to enhance financial viability and improve farm management decision making.
Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices [Image: Beef Cattle Production Best Management Practices]
The best management practices that apply most directly to the beef industry are in this publication. A brief description, purpose and conditions to which the practice applies are given for each of the BMPs listed. (PDF Format Only)
County Extension Agent Preferences for USDA Market Information [Image: usda market info]
This brochure details the relative value Extension agents place on various USDA livestock and poultry reports that contain pricing and production data. (PDF format only)
Bull Purchase Price Comparison [Image: Bull Purchase Price Spreadsheet]
This spreadsheet is designed to assist cow/calf producers in determining if purchasing a higher-priced bull is an economically sound investment. Users are asked to enter information including calf prices, weaning weights and weaning percentage to calculate the difference in net present value between the two bulls. A positive net present value suggests the higher-priced bull will be an economically sound investment based on the assumptions entered by the user.
Costs to Develop Replacements Heifers [Image: Replacement Heifer]
This spreadsheet is designed to assist cow/calf producers with determining the costs associated with developing replacement heifers. The cost associated with developing replacements heifers from one's own herd can then be compared to the costs associated with purchasing replacement females in the open market. A comparison of the expected returns from each strategy is included to help producers understand which alternative may work best for their individual operation.
Animal Industry News Update Newsletters 2000-2014
The Animal Industry News Update is a quarterly newsletter from the animal science, veterinary science and livestock economics extension specialists of the LSU AgCenter. The purpose of this newsletter is to provide current, research-based animal industry information to county agents, 4-H agents and animal producers.
2011 Beef & Forage Report [Image: 2011 LSU AgCenter Beef & Forage Report]
Volume 36 of the LSU AgCenter Beef & Forage Report. Topics covered include: statistics, Extension/Service programs, forage utilization and economics, meat science, breeding and genetics, reproduction, forage production and management.
Animal Industry News Update November 2010 [Image: Click here for PDF version.]
Newsletter from the LCES Animal Science Faculty