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Molasses and Juice Survey Reports
[Image: ASI Analytical Lab Molasses Survey]

This survey of molasses and juice quality is conducted by the analytical lab at Audubon Sugar Institute (ASI) as a service to all the Louisiana sugar mills.

Core Sampling Recommended Procedures
Provides technical information for the Louisiana sugar industry on the recommended method for core sampling.

2005 Molasses Data
Analytical data for molasses samples during 2005 Grinding season

2003 Molasses Data
Analytical Data for Molasses Samples during 2003 Grinding Season

Recommendations for Use of Dextranase [Image: Recommended Points of Dextranase Addition in a Mill Train]
Provides technical information for the Louisiana sugar industry on dextranase usage.
Recommendations for Filter Operation [Image: A Rotary Drum Filter at a Louisiana Sugar Mill]
Provides technical information on Filter Operation at the Louisiana sugar mill
A Factory Method for Determination of Amylase Functioning
The following procedure can be used to determine whether sufficient amylase is being added to reduce starch concentrations.
How to Handle Hard-to-Boil Massecuite?
Provides technical information to the Louisiana sugar industry on handling the HTB phenomenon.
Monitoring High Grade Massecuite Exhaustion using Crystal Content [Image: The inverse relationship of A Massecuite crystal content with its quantity]
The overall objective of sugar pan boiling is to crystallize as much sugar as possible, while still producing crystal of the required size and with a good size distribution.