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[Image: design plan]Silo Types A, B, & C
Construction plans for three different types of silos.
[Image: design plan]Silage Feed Bunks (covered)
Several plans to build covered silage feeders for cattle.
[Image: design plan]Concrete Bottom Trench Silo
Simpe design with requirements and specifications for a concrete bottom trench silo.
[Image: design plan]Horizontal Silo (tilt-up below grade)
Plans to construct a tilt-up below grade silo to feed cattle.
[Image: design plan]Above-ground Self-feeding Silo
Plans for a 26'6" wide, 64' long above-ground, concrete silo with self-feeding gate.
[Image: design plan]Concrete Trench Silo (bunker)
Plans to build a bunker style silo of varying depth, width and length.
[Image: design plan]Wall-braced Silo
Plans for two braced wood walls that create a silo.
[Image: design plan]Horizontal Silo
Construction plans for a tilt-up silo.
[Image: design plan]Self-feeding Fences for Bunker or Trench Silo
Drawings of gate designs for use in bunker silos allowing cattle to feed themselves.
[Image: plan]Silage Feed Bunks
Plans for four different cattle feeders.
[Image: design plan]Concrete Trench Silo
Plans for a below-ground, horizontal silo of varible width and length with concrete sides.
[Image: design plan]Buttressed Concrete Horizontal Silo 8-20 Ft.
A detailed plan to build a silo of concrete.
[Image: design plan]Wood Bunker Silo
Plans for a horizontal silo with wooden sides of variable widths and lengths.
[Image: design plan]Metal Self-feeding Silo Gate
Plans for an all metal self-feeding gate for a silo with pipe support and brackets.
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