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[Image: Volume 47 Number 4]The LTA Bulletin: November 24, 2010
This issue contains important information about the Annual Conference on January 6, 2011 in the Lawton Room at Tiger Stadium. Other articles zero in on winter fertilizer for St. Augstine grass and Centipede grass as well as algae problems in turf. There is a report on the "Field of Excellence program" for sporting fields. The Green Industry Economics report examines economic conditions. Turfgrass 101 highlights the role of potassium while Weed ID talks about Crow poison or false garlic.
[Image: Turfgrass Insider Sod Webworms]LTA Turfgrass Insider: September 15, 2010
Tropical sod webworms are creating havoc on home lawns, especially St. Augustinegrass. I am getting calls from all over the state but particularly in the Baton Rouge area. I am seeing sod webworms and to a lesser extent armyworms in the same yards. At least every other St. Augustinegrass yard in Baton Rouge has some degree of damage.
[Image: Volume 47 Number 2]The LTA Bulletin: June 1, 2010
In this issue -- The LSU AgCenter “Field of Excellence” Program, Green Industry Economics...More on the economy, Take-all Root Rot , Virginia Buttonweed - Tough Weed Infesting Turfgrass, Turfgrass 101: What is ET?, Weed ID, Celsius - A New Herbicide for Lawns. The LSU AgCenter ‘Field of Excellence’ program will be available to selected high schools. The program will provide guidance to improve the condition and overall quality of participating high school football fields.
[Image: Volume 47 Number 1]The LTA Bulletin: March 15, 2010
This issue features -- Big Time Cold, 2010 LTA Conference, LSU Sports Corner, Green Industry Economics, Large Brown Patch of Warm-season Turfgrass, Early Season Turf Pests, Turfgrass 101, and Student Spotlight. Coldest temps were observed in the Calhoun area (12 F). Baton Rouge got down to 17 degrees. To get an idea about how well our greens fared, samples were collected from greens soon after the freezing temps subsided and included several ultra-dwarf varieties.
[Image: Volume 47 Number 3]The LTA Bulletin: September 24, 2010
Topics in this issue: Gray Leaf Spot, Nematodes in Golf Greens, Why We Might See a Double-Dip Recession, One Stop Shopping at LSU's Soil Lab, Turfgrass 101: What is Soil pH?, and Weed ID - Doveweed. In Louisiana, Gray Leaf Spot is most commonly associated with St. Augustinegrass. This disease is generally associated with drought stress, soil compaction and high nitrogen fertility and typically occurs from mid-summer to early fall.
[Image: Volume 48, Number 1]The LTA Bulletin: March 3, 2011
Topics in this issue: Bermuda in St. Augustine focusing on mowing height with disease and insect management. Potential Spring Disease examines “large patch” and dollar patch. The Raspberry Crazy Ants is an invasive species discovered in Texas in 2002. Also included are the Economic Outlook, and New Herbicides 2011.