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Bossier Parish Advisory Leadership Council

The Bossier Parish Advisory Leadership Council (ALC) was established in January 2007. The responsibilities of the ALC are to represent peers, identify needs and issues, identify opportunities for collaboration, be active in sharing their skills and knowledge to help the parish and understand Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service as a common resource.

Members of the Bossier Parish ALC are:

Pat Stinson                           4-H Livestock Parent                      4-H                             
Bob Brotherton Bossier Parish Police Jury   ANR
Christi Turner         4-H Parent 4-H
Sonja Bailes   Bossier Parish School Board 4-H   
Bill Burks           Landowner ANR
Kathie Rowell     Louisiana Blooms ANR
Walt Soes Landowner ANR
Tanya Bearden 4-H Shooting Sports 4-H
Tracy McGill Bossier Parish Community College ANR
Tammy Smith Bossier Parish School Board 4-H
LaRhonda P. Coleman N. La. Health Education Center 4-H
David Montgomery Bossier City Council ANR
Julian Whittington Bossier Parish Sheriff 4-H
Mike Mosura Bossier Parish School Board 4-H
Jack Barnett Landowner ANR
Donnie Leflett    Bossier Parish Farmer ANR
Cora Davis                               Barksdale Air Force Base                         4-H
Michelle Hammonds              4-H Parent                                                   4-H
Sandra Darby                          Caddo Sheriff's Dept.                                 ANR

ANR - Agriculture & Natural Resources 

Bossier Parish Advisory Leadership Council Meeting Minutes
January 28, 2014

The Bossier Parish Advisory Leadership Council met at 11:45 a.m. on January 28, 2014.  Members in attendance were Sonja Bailes, Bob Brotherton, Bill Burks, LaRhonda Coleman, Cora Davis, Michelle Hammonds, Tracy McGill, David Montgomery, Kathie Rowell, Tammy Smith, Walt Soes and Julian Whittington.  Bossier Extension staff members in attendance were Erika Anderson, Jeannie Crnkovic, Katherine Ervin, Ricky Kilpatrick and Alison Smith.

Everyone joined in a light lunch with Bossier 4-H Foundation members who had met earlier.  The meeting began with Ricky giving an overview of the purpose of the Bossier ALC.  He then asked those present to introduce themselves and provide a little background information and how they are connected to the LSU AgCenter.  Ricky passed out copies of the Bossier Parish Profile page which is found on the parish website.

The Bossier Parish agents briefly summarized program highlights and accomplishments from 2013 and mentioned upcoming programs and events.  In efforts to better meet the needs of Bossier Parish residents, Ricky asked the group to consider issues and needs that the AgCenter could address.  Some of these issues were briefly discussed and are addressed below.  Ricky encouraged members to please maintain communication with the Bossier office throughout the year, and to please voice their ideas and thoughts as new concerns and issues arise.  The group was also asked to be advocates for the LSU AgCenter and to let others know about the educational programs, services and opportunities we offer.

Issues, Concerns and Ideas from the meeting (other topics will be added as members communicate with the office throughout the year)

- Possibility of partnerships with Bossier Parish Community College
  . site for meetings and programs
  . student internships in broadcasting, audio/video production, etc.
  . site visits for 4-H groups, leadership clubs, etc.
  . 4-H project club in AV production?
  . student recruitment
- Need for a county agent
- Feral hog problem that continues to grow (this was a call in concern from an ALC member that could not attend the meeting)

Ricky thanked the Bossier Parish Police Jury, Bossier Parish School Board and Bossier City Council for providing over 20% support for our parish office and programs.  He also thanked the police jury for providing our office space and facilities which are among the nicest parish Extension office in the state.  Ricky thanked the ALC members for their attendance, participation and continued communication and the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Issues from the 2013 ALC meeting and actions taken (This meeting was held March 22, 2013.)

- Need for a facility for rodeos, clinics, parish livestock shows and other events.  Sheriff Whittington has mentioned the possibility of the use of Sheriff's Department property in the Plain Dealing area and this may be a possibility for the future.  At this time we continue to use the Louisiana State Fairgrounds in Shreveport, as we have an excellent relationship with the state fair staff and get a very good rate for using the facilities.

- Invasive Species.  The LSU AgCenter provides excellent information on the latest research for controlling unwanted invasives such as tallowtree and other weed species.  Ricky and AgCenter research entomologist, Steve Micinski, serve on the Bistineau Task Force and are working with the group on giant salvinia management options.  The AgCenter is continually working on trying to breed a more cold tolerant salvinia weevil and propagate these in large enough numbers to have an impact on this invasive problem.  

- Feral Hogs.  This continues to be a problem for farmers, forest landowners, wildlife managers and rural homeowners.  Ricky has conducted several seminars in recent years on feral hog control options.  Red River Wildlife Refuge manager and ALC member, Pat Stinson, has provided some valuable information on large-scale control measures (hog reduction with helicopters), that the USDA recently performed.  A second USDA event is scheduled for early 2014, and Pat will share the results of this.  Landowner co-ops may be able to conduct similar reduction events in the future.  The Extension office will continue to provide information on traps, baits and other control measures that will be beneficial for landowners.  Another feral hog control seminar will be planned for 2014, at which time we will have the results of the upcoming USDA hog reduction effort.

- Need for more publicity of AgCenter programs and accomplishments.  We are trying to further our efforts of publicity and marketing our programs by broadening this ALC to include a wide range of people that are connected to several community groups.  Parish ALC members play a very important role as advocates for the LSU AgCenter.

Minutes from the committee meetings may be retrieved from the links provided below:

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ALC-Minutes-January-2014.pdf Bossier Parish ALC Meeting Minutes January 28, 2014 190.17 KB
ALC-Minutes--March-22-2013.pdf Bossier Parish ALC Meeting Minutes March 22, 2013 187.21 KB
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