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Healthy Connections

Healthy Living, one of three 4-H mission mandates for positive youth development, focuses on encouraging youth to learn, adopt and practice healthful decision-making. Healthy Living 4-H projects include: Foods and nutrition; fitness, health and safety; child development; consumer and financial management; and personal development.

The Madison Parish 4-H "Healthy Connections" newsletter provides information of interest to 4-H Club members and their families.  Links to monthly newsletters are below. 

If you have difficulty opening the attached newsletter file(s), please contact our office at 318.574.2465 or email Tressie Jobe.
Related Files
FilenameDescriptionFile Size
September+2009.pdf Topics covered include: Get your grains the RICE way, Get your grains the RICE way, Giggle Box, wordsearch, scrub club and neat treats. 199.17 KB
October+2009.pdf Topics covered include: don't be a skipper, giggle box, morning glory orange shake recipe, crossword, original fast foods and neat treats. 249.84 KB
November+Healthy+09.pdf Topics covered include: Show me the variety, cheesy popcorn, Giggle Box, Wordsearch, and MyPyramid Tips 198.89 KB
December+Healthy+09.pdf Topics covered include: Grains are for brains, Lacy Oatmeal Cookies, Eat Whole Wheat, and know your whole grains 182.66 KB
2010+January+Healthy.pdf Topics Include: Go lean with protein, Power packed peanut butter balls, giggle box, Alpha-bet-a-thon!, and animal or vegetable. 172.82 KB
2010+February+Healthy.pdf Topics include: Build your bone bank, Veggie yogurt dip, giggle box, Cow-a-bunga Calcium Challenge, and The “Udder” truth about CALCIUM 171.57 KB
Healthy+Connections+MAR+2010.pdf Topics covered include: Be a cool consumer, Funky Fruit Salad, Giggle Box, Portion-Size Challenge, and Fitting in your Fast Food Favorites. 167.73 KB
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