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"Saddle Up" with 4-H

4-H Club members and volunteers live all across Rapides Parish, all over Louisiana, in all 50 states, and in 82 other countries. Almost 6 million youth members and nearly 680,000 adult volunteers are involved in 4-H nationwide. It is open to everyone.

This year's theme for our parish is "Saddle Up" with 4-H.

Emblem, Colors, Pledge, and Motto:

4-H Emblem
The four-leaf clover is the official 4-H emblem. The four Hs stand for head, heart, hands and health.

4-H Colors
The 4-H colors are green for life, springtime, and youth and white for fresh and clean.

4-H Pledge:
 I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, my health to better living, for my club, my community, my country and my world. You should learn the pledge. You should also try to follow it in 4-H and in your daily life.

4-H Motto:
"To Make the Best Better." Learn it and set your goals with the motto in mind. It means to always try to do everything better, to constantly improve.

Answers to things you want to know about 4-H:

Q. What is 4-H?
4-H is a co-curricular; educational club for boys and girls ages 9-19. It is a partnership with the local school system, both public and private.

Q. How do you join?
It's easy! Follow these steps:
1. Take a grade-appropriate enrollment card home to your parents or guardians.
2. Fill it out completely.
3. Select projects according to your grade. You will receive workbooks for these projects. There is a limit to the number of projects you can sign up for. There may be an additional fee for additional project workbooks.
4. Return the enrollment card (see files below) along with your membership dues to your 4-H Club sponsor at your school by the deadline. You are then a 4-H Club member. You will receive your workbook at the October 4-H meeting.

Q. What happens next?
A. Your club will meet during school hours or right after school at least once a month. The club sponsor (usually a teacher or parent) will lead the 4-H Club in conducting its business. You will select officers, work together on club projects, participate in parish 4-H events and contests -- all while having fun!

Q. What do I do with the workbooks?
A. The workbooks you receive are actually called "project books." You take them home and work on them with the help of parents, another adult or even another 4-H member. When complete, the project books need to be put together with other materials in your 4-H Record Book. This is usually due in April.

Q. What is a 4-H record book?
A. A record book is a special scrapbook or portfolio of your 4-H Club work. It contains written information about the things you complete each year. It has a place for you to list awards and recognition as well as a place to write down all the things you do. Record book portfolio forms are available at the parish 4-H office and online at our website. You need to have someone take pictures of you doing 4-H Club work because you can put these pictures in your 4-H record book. Save any news clippings or letters about 4-H for your records too!

Q. How do I find out about parish 4-H events and contests?
Each month, a special guest will be at your school 4-H meeting. This person is called the parish 4-H agent. The 4-H agent/agents will bring the parish 4-H Newsletter, Clover Clippings, for you to to take home. The agents will also present a fun, educational program. In Rapides Parish, there are two agents who conduct club meetings  They are: Mrs. Lois Brister and Mr. Rodney Johnson.

Q. Can I win awards in 4-H?
A. Yes! But in order to win, you must participate in 4-H activities outside of your school meeting. You can win awards such as ribbons, certificates, patches, medals, trophies, prizes and money.

Q. Isn't 4-H just for kids who live on farms?
A. No! 4-H is for all youth, wherever they live - on farms, in suburbs, and in cities. 4-H serves youth of all backgrounds and interests. It reaches both girls and boys through club meetings, special groups, individual and family learning, camping and school enrichment. Most 4-H members are from towns and cities, and they participate in contemporary projects such as bicycle safety, computers, photography, environment, family life, and animal science. 4-H offers membership without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability or handicap.

4-H enrollment cards are available for download below.

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4th-6th.pdf 4th -6th Grade Enrollment Card 478.88 KB
7th_8th.pdf 7th-8th Grade Enrollment Card 362.59 KB
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