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AgCenter Agriculture Publications

This article provides links to some of the more requested crop publications for farmers and landowners compiled by experts with the LSU AgCenter. For more information, contact LSU AgCenter county agent Matt Martin at (318) 767-3968 or visit the LSU AgCenter Web site for more related publications

Click on the appropriate links below:

Louisiana Market Maker (Linking Agricultural and Seafood Market)- A new web-based resource to connect farmers, shrimpers, fishermen, distributors and food suppliers to consumers. Consumers can register on line by clicking the highlighted link.

Chemical Weed Control Guide - This guide includes helpful information on herbicides and weed control with detailed suggestions for aquatics, commercial nursery stock, field crops, forestry, fruit crops, home gardens, lawns and many other Louisiana crops. It includes information on different types of herbicide registrations, as well as information on herbicide labels and restricted uses. Also included are sprayer calibration techniques, suggestions for reducing herbicide drift and a guide to proper spray tip selection.

Insect Pest Management Guide - This guide was compiled by LSU AgCenter experts and includes regulations, precautions and suggestions for pest control in Louisiana. Detailed topics include drift of pesticides, hazards of pesticides to beneficial insects and wildlife, phytotoxicity and using beneficial insects to control pest populations. A section on organic gardening also is included.

Plant Disease Management Guide - This guide contains suggestions for management of the most important or more prevalent diseases of Louisiana plants. It includes information on fungicides, bactericides and nematicides, as well as safety precautions for using them.

Louisiana Vegetable Planting Guide - This publication should be used by the vegetable gardener as a guide to a successful garden. The information has been developed after considerable research and practical experience.

Louisiana Crops Newsletter - This newsletter provides research-based information from the LSU AgCenter about Louisiana crop production. It is targeted to the state's producers of corn, cotton, soybeans and grain sorghum.

View the entire LSU AgCenter publications catalog

Last Updated: 8/12/2013 12:28:55 PM

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