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2015 Application for Awards
To be considered for Outstanding Club Member or to attend 4-H Camp, this application must be completed and returned to the 4-H Office at 1105 West Port Street in Abbeville, by Friday, April 10th. To be a candidate for Outstanding Club Member, a project book must have been received at the 4-H Office on March 24th, then it must have been judged and received a ribbon. The requirement for 4-H Camp is that the member attended at least one event during the past year.
Nutrition Tidbits - January-March 2015
A quarterly newsletter covering topics such as: Healthy Diet Changes One Month at a Time, Spotlight on Strawberries, Mardi Gras Food Safety, Sensible Food Buys for January-March, Citrus Fruits and Vitamin C, Starting a Walking Program, March is National Nutrition Month, Health Fair.
Cowchip - February 25, 2015
Information for cattle and forage producers. Included in this issue are the following articles: Acadiana Cattle Producers Field Day, Warming a Cold Calf, Can Probiotics Replace Antibiotics in Feed, Protein Tubs for Winter Supplementation
2014-2015 Contest Results Page
Results from Vermilion 4-H contests held from September 2014 through August 2015.
[Image: image of newsletter header]2014-2015 Vermilion 4-H Cracklins Newsletters
The Vermilion 4-H Cracklins is a monthly newsletter for the 4-H program in Vermilion Parish. It includes information on upcoming events, activities and competitions. The newsletter is published from September to May each year. This volume is for 2014-2015
2015 Demonstration Day Rules
Vermilion 4-H Demonstration Day will be held Saturday, January 31, 2015, at Forked Island-E. Broussard Elementary. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. and Judging begins at 9:00. Rules for the Beef and Seafood Cookery Contest are also included
[Image: image of newsletter header]2014-2015 Vermilion 4-H Leader Update Newsletters
The Vermilion 4-H Leader Update is the monthly newsletter for Vermilion Parish organizational leaders, school principals and adult volunteer leaders. Published from September through May, it includes information about upcoming events, activities and contests.
Iron-It's Important Too!
Fact sheet on iron in our body.
[Image: Photograph of cranberries]Cranberries
Information on using cranberries in your holiday meals or recipes. Includes recipe for Cranberry Whole Wheat Muffins.
Cowchip - September 4, 2014
Information for cattle and forage producers. Included in this issue are the following articles: Winter Pasture Budgets, Bulk Feed, Low Stress Livestock Handling, To Worm or Not To Worm - That is a Good Question?, Louisiana Cattle market update, Improved Pasture Conditions Could Allow For Herd Expansion, Acadiana Cattle Producers' Fall Field Day.
Nutrition Tidbits - July-September 2014
A quarterly newsletter covering topics such as: August is Kids Eat Right Month, Louisiana Blueberries, Ways to Get Fit Around the House, Louisiana Grown Fruits and Vegetables, Centsible Nutrition Buys for July-September, Back to School Nutrition, Spotlight on Summer Squash, Do you Know the Right Portion Size?, September is Rice Month, Rouse's Cooking Demonstration on Fall Vegetables, Cattle Festival Cooking Contest and Livestock Show.
[Image: Tailgating Food Safety]Tailgating Food Safety
A fact sheet promoting food safety while tailgating.
Cowchip - July 21, 2014
Information for cattle and forage producers. Included in this issue are the following articles: Master Cattleman, Weed Tour, Comparing Breeds of Bulls, Feed Additive Found Safe, Feedlot Placement Practices, Market Report.
Cowchip - May12, 2014
Information for cattle and forage producers. Included in this issue are the following articles: Popular Culture and Agriculture; Barbecue; Horn Flies; Grass Fed Beef; Pulling Together Cattle on Feed, Cold Storage and Beef Demand Indicators; Posts; Ryegrass Orders; Multi-Parish Cattlemen's Night at Dominique's Stockyard
The How-to Of Knot Tying
See simple video demonstrations about how to tie useful knots, and what each knot is best suited for.
Nutrition Tidbits - April-June 2014
A quarterly newsletter covering topics such as: It's Crawfish Time, Easter Egg Safety, Leftover Food Safety, Sensible Food Buys, June is Louisiana Beef Month, Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine, May is High Blood Pressure Month, Ham Facts, Health Fair, Diabetes News Classes.
Eat Well When Eating Out
A fact sheet on eating healthy when eating out.
[Image: Fiber Facts]Fiber Facts
A fact sheet about increasing fiber in the diet and foods that are good sources of fiber.
Healthy Eating as We Age
We can stay healthy by eating right, exercising daily and making sure we get proper medical care.
Carbohydrate Counting Tips For Fall Foods
Fact sheet on carbohydrate counting tips for fall foods. Special treats that are hard to resist can also make it hard to manage blood glucose levels.
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