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Warm winter helps strawberry crop
[Image: Strawberries]

(Video News 01/30/12) Strawberries are a springtime staple, but these berries already are plentiful this year. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard reports warm weather is making strawberries abundant now. (Runtime: 1:23)

Early start to strawberry season
(Radio News 01/26/12) The mild weather across Louisiana makes it feel more like spring than winter. Another sign that this isn’t your typical winter is the abundance of strawberries. Although growers started harvesting early varieties in November, the normal seasonal onset of colder temperatures usually causes a dip in production, according to LSU AgCenter Hammond Research Station Director Regina Bracy.

Healthful foods is focus of food scientists
(Radio News 01/24/12) By late January many people may have abandoned their resolutions to live healthier. LSU AgCenter food scientists can’t make you go to the gym or eat more fruits and vegetables, but they are trying to make foods more healthful by reducing sodium, fat and cholesterol and increasing fiber. (Runtime: 1:50)

Weed scientist encourages farmers to tackle winter weeds early
[Image: Winter Weeds ]

(Video News 01/23/12) As farmers reduced the amount of tillage they did in their fields to conserve soil, they began relying on herbicides to remove winter weeds from their fields. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard reports that removing these weeds now will give crops a healthy start. (Runtime: 1:48)

Farmers gather for tri-state soybean forum [Image: Soybean Forum]
(Video News 01/16/12) Soybean growers from three states met in north Louisiana for a soybean forum. Market outlooks and priority issues for growers were discussion topics. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard was there. (Runtime: 1:44)
Removing winter weeds early gives crop best start
(Radio News 01/13/12) Planting for crops such as corn and soybeans is still a couple of months away, but farmers can prepare their fields now for those spring plantings by starting off with a clean seedbed. LSU AgCenter weed scientist Jim Griffin says that means removing winter weeds. (Runtime: 1:45)
Forum highlights soybean outlook
(Radio News 01/11/12) This year’s outlook is favorable for soybeans. Growers from Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi gathered in Oak Grove, La., for the Tri-state Soybean Forum. (Runtime: 1:45)
Researchers search for better burn for sugarcane [Image: Sugarcane]
(Video News 01/09/12) Burning a sugarcane field is a long-standing practice among farmers. But how they burn has evolved over the years to make it cleaner and safer. LSU AgCenter correspondent Tobie Blanchard reports that researchers are looking at reducing emissions from this and other agriculture practices.